Somar Integra - Intelligent Motor Controller

Electric motors are utilised in the production of almost every product we purchase and yet, international research bodies calculate that "over 50% of drive-power energy could be saved if motors and drive systems became more efficient."

To satisfy the growing demand for increased productivity and reduced CO2 emissions, governments from all corners of the globe have identified, not only the need for improved energy efficiency, but also the barriers that sometimes hold companies back from investing in new technology.

Somar Integra is an intelligent answer. Somar Integra is manufactured in the UK by Somar International Ltd , a Queens Award Winning company with a global presence in over 70 Countries.

Somar Integra is unique by the extent to which it dynamically adjusts power to a motor as its load changes. It constantly monitors the motor's load and calculates the exact amount of power required at any time - reducing the amount of electricity used, increasing the life-span of motors, reducing maintenance requirements and reducing the amount of Carbon Dioxide produced at the point of generation